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We are more than a recruitment service, we are the community and space to find energy and ideas to grow your business.

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What we do

Technology information services

Outsourcing RH

Together with our clients, we study to understand which necessities and areas most need specialized technical support, following a thorough research and selection of the human resources that fit best the intended objectives.


Having always in mind a disciplined recruitment, we make available to our clients the information technology technicians that assure the best performance in the right positions.

Turnkey Solutions

At the forefront of the latest organization and project development methodologies, we gather the necessary specialized resources capable of initializing and finishing any project, within the information technology market.

OUR clients

We work with the smartest organizations across all industries

Emploee Satisfaction ​(%)

What our team says

It is composed by excellent professionals

Being a collaborator at 5 estacoes, to which I belong for about 6 years, is an enormous satisfaction. It is composed by excellent professionals, having an almost familiar environment in which hierarchies fail to be noticed. It’s a company that cares about people and where we are not but a number.

Ana Teresa Neves
SAS Senior Consultant
It’s a company where everything is very clear

It’s not been long ago since I’ve joined 5 Estações, but so far, the experience has been great: It’s a company where everything is very clear, the people are very nice, accessible and helpful.

Sofia Veiga
SAS Consultant
Honesty and transparency since the first contact

Honesty and transparency since the first contact. They demonstrated caring about the professional and personal well-being of its consultants.

Bruno Dionísio
SAS Consultant
There is appreciation towards our responsibility and commitment in our job

It’s essential when we feel there is appreciation towards our responsibility and commitment in our job, at 5 estacoes, I have proof of that. The reason of the choosing is defined through the time in which one spends in that same choice. It’s been 10 years since I’ve joined 5 estacoes and it seems like it was yesterday.

Vítor Mendes
SAP Senior Consultant
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